Class 6: ASM 342 - WAF Programmability

Welcome to F5’s Agility Labs, 2018 edition! This class will focus on how to interact with ASM using the REST API, demonstrating how the API can be used to help with daily tasks and improve security.

The goal of this class to help students become familar with the iControl Rest API as it is related to ASM. It takes the student from little or no knowledge demostrating to the students the concepts and tools to get started, as well as some more complex examples written in Python.

This is the 4th 4-hour class focused on ASM. The other 3 classes are based on

Succeeding with Application Security

Here is a complete listing of all ASM classes offered at this years agility.

ASM141 - Good WAF Security - Getting started with ASM

ASM241 - Elevated WAF Security - Elevating ASM Protection

ASM341 - High and Maximum WAF Security - Maximizing ASM Protection

ASM342 - WAF Programmability - Enhancing ASM Security and Manageability