Class 5: ASM 341 - High and Maximum Security

Welcome to F5’s Agility Labs, 2018 edition! This lab will focus on how to progress your application security to the limits of what F5’s WAF, ASM, can offer. We’ll be using tools spanning both positive and negative security to show you how to best protect your application from today’s threats.

The goal of this lab series is to help security administrators become familiar with the tools and techniques available to protect a web application. The final lab section deals with some of the more complicated means avaiable that should be implemented after the techniques in ASM141 and ASM241 have already been explored.

This series of ASM labs is based on:

Succeeding with Application Security

Here is a complete listing of all ASM classes offered at this year’s agility:

  • ASM141 Good WAF Security - Getting started with ASM
  • ASM241 - Elevated WAF Security - Elevating ASM Protection
  • ASM341 - High and Maximum WAF Security - Maximizing ASM Protection
  • ASM342 - WAF Programmability - Enhancing ASM Security and Manageability